300 Prayer Partners: March

People praying strategically and intentionally for Living Hope Church, our leaders and the community that we impact.

Prayer Initiatives for March:

  • Easter Experience 2018
  • Pray that we would see an extraordinary amount of salvations.
  • Pray for the people of LHC to personally invite friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to church and evangelize within their circles of influence.
  • Life Group Launch: Pray for people to experience deep connections, community and growth.
  • Life Group Leaders: Pray for leaders to have wisdom and direction as they lead people on this journey.

Pastoral Staff Prayer Focus:

  • The Simmons Family
  • Executive Pastor, Creative Arts Director – Tiffany
  • Husband – Bill

Ministry Focus:

  • Life Groups

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations,[b] baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

JOHN 14:21 NLT
“Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me. And because they love me, my Father will love them. And I will love them and reveal myself to each of them.”

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