A Tuesday Update from Living Hope Church

If you have ever trained for a race or a special event, you usually have a preparation phase that feels like a sprint right before your game. After the event, there is often an exhale and a tendency to relax. The Easter season can feel that way. We may have been sharing our faith with a little more effort or making extra efforts to invite someone to find Jesus or watch service with you. Now that Easter has passed, you back off on sharing your faith or asking people to attend church with you. We encourage you not to let up but continue that effort. Make sure those you have shared your faith with or invited don’t feel a letdown because it is the week after Easter. Jesus is a message worth sharing every week of the year!

This past weekend we had great opportunities to celebrate Jesus on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. If you happened to miss either Livestream, please make sure to watch them on our Facebook page or here on the website..

This past weekend our pastoral staff delivered just under 100 BAG-skets to the LHC Kids families. We had fun leaving the Bag-skets on the doorsteps and watching the LHCkids find their treats. If you have children under 12, make sure to visit our LHCkids Facebook page to get them connected with great lessons, challenges, and videos.

Our Living Hope YOUTH also meets every Wednesday at 7 pm on their Instagram page for a LIVE devotional from Pastor Bryan, followed by a fun ZOOM session. You can find our YOUTH page on Instagram.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 15th), we will be partnering with the Northwest Indiana Food Bank. Bags of groceries will be delivered to vehicles in our parking lot with a safe social distancing from 4 pm-6 pm. We anticipate a large crowd, so we suggest you come early. Also, if you are a part of our church family or connected to someone who has additional food or other needs, we have resources and opportunities to help. You can connect with us by e-mail at LHCinfo@LHCweb.org or by leaving a message at 219.769.3601 ext 1. Also, if you have prayer requests or need someone to pray with you, leave a message or e-mail our prayer line at LHCinfo@LHCweb.org.

The month of May is “The Attitude of Gratitude.” We will be honoring teachers, moms, missionaries, health care workers, and first responders. We are excited to share God’s love and our appreciation creatively this May.