A Tuesday Update from Living Hope Church

Happy Tuesday! Today is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad. Those words are sometimes easier to say than at other times. We sometimes need to be reminded that each day is a blessing, and what we do with it can significantly influence our attitude.

This past Sunday, we had an excellent service with a fantastic challenge from our Missions Pastor Christian Rath. If you happened to miss that Livestream, please make sure to watch it on our Facebook page or here on the website.

Sunday, we received news that April 30th is now our newest “shelter in place” timeline. As we strive to abide by these directions, we realize that impacts on how we “the church” connect. Our Sunday experience continues to provide a worship experience, information, and message. The community element is where we want to encourage you to continue to grow and connect. We have recently started implementing the ZOOM app as a way for our church to come together. Our ministries and Life Groups are starting to use ZOOM for these meetings. We have a ZOOM Life Group meeting this Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Sharon Wachowiak will be leading this group on the topic of Prophesy. Be sure to watch for the link on Facebook link this Wednesday.

You can download the ZOOM app here.

Our Youth and Kids have outlets online as well. Our LHCkids are connecting on Facebook and getting lessons, videos, and challenges to complete. The Living Hope YOUTH are having Live ZOOM parties and Wednesday messages from Pastor Bryan on Instagram Live.

Yesterday we mailed out our Living Hope Church survey from our Pastoral Search Committee. If you didn’t receive that e-mail and are interested in filling out the survey, e-mail us at LHCinfo@LHCweb.org to have the link sent to you. If you need a physical copy of this survey, you can request that, and we will mail it out to you. All surveys need to be in by Sunday, April 12th.

As we continue to work at improving our connection opportunities, we encourage you to go to our Facebook or Instagram page for the community. Both of these sites will provide encouragement, info, and ways to stay connected with Living Hope.

Finally, if you need prayer, food, or have additional needs we can help with, please let us know. We want to celebrate victories with you; we want to be the church for you in times like these. You can reach us at LHCinfo@LHCweb.org.