A word from Pastor Rick

I remember as a child receiving new toys for Christmas or a birthday. I would be so excited to open them and could not wait to get them out of the box! However, the most devastating thing to a kid would be to see the words “Batteries not included.” Talk about disappointment!

The toy just isn’t the same without the power. And neither is our life as a believer!

God, our Father, didn’t just give us this great gift of life. He also gave us the power to live it well. The source of that power is the Holy Spirit, and let me tell you; it is a power like you’ve never experienced!

  • It’s a power to breakthrough whatever is standing in your way
  • It’s a power for living a Godly life in Jesus
  • It’s a power to endure any circumstance or situation
  • It’s a power to be more like Jesus

And that is just scratching the surface! Greater is He that it is in you than he that is in the world. That tells us God’s power beats all other powers. And He lives in you!

Woohoo, You’re a powerhouse!

I love you church, and I am praying for you this week!

Hope Lives Here,

Pastor Rick