A word from Pastor Rick

Can you picture what the disciples were experiencing? They had set sail in good weather with calm seas. Then, suddenly, the skies turned dark, the lightning flashed, and a squall moved in on them. The waves were crashing over the edge of the modest boat causing the men to panic. They were frantically bailing the rising water over the edge, desperately trying to keep from sinking. The wind was howling past their ears, screaming fear into their hearts. Almost everyone in the boat was in chaos and confusion.

Can you imagine the dismay in that boat? They were faced with the reality that they were perishing. Until they realized Hope was in their boat! Right there in the back of the boat was Jesus taking a nap completely unaffected by the ensuing pandemonium. They rushed to wake him and exclaim that they were dying from this terrible storm.

With three words, “peace be still,” he calmed the torrents, and seas died down to normal. At that moment, they realized Hope was in their boat.

I want you to know that the person of Hope is also with you in your boat! No matter what storm you may face, Jesus is right there with you through it all. Fear is big, loud, and scary, but Hope is an anchor for your soul!

If you weren’t able to join us in person or online this past Sunday, go to our website and watch the service in it’s entirety. Be sure to share HOPE with someone in your world this week and hold onto that Hope!