Most people love to go to the movies. Fresh buttered popcorn, ice-cold Coca-Cola, and a fun flick to enjoy with your loved ones. How great would it be if that same experience came to church? Well, we have great news for you; coming April 11, you can experience At the Movies at LHC!

Just like when Jesus told stories to illustrate a heavenly truth, we will use movies to reveal something spiritual. Each week of this series, we will take clips from some of your favorite movies and partner them with the scriptures to see what they have to teach us about life. To set the mood, we will, of course, have popcorn and soda (since Jesus used fish and loaves)!

At The Movies is THE sermon series to invite someone to attend. It’s loaded with fun extras and the truth of the Gospel!

Ask your friends and family to join you At The Movies!

Due to copyright regulations, we will not be streaming this sermon series on Facebook. If you are attending online, please join us here on our website at 10:30 am Sunday.