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Cool Kids: Special Egg Event
Apr 13, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Our mission at LHC is “Bringing the hope, love and purpose of God to ALL people”. There are children with special needs in our community that are unable to participate in traditional egg hunts. This event is for them! .

The Special Egg Event will feature multiple egg hunts:

  • A Quiet Egg Hunt for children on the Autism Spectrum or children with sensory processing issues who need a quieter environment.
  • A Magnetic Egg Hunt for children with wheelchairs or mobility restrictions. Magnetic eggs and poles allow children to collect eggs.
  • A General Egg Hunt for children with other disabilities and siblings of children involved in the other hunts.
  • An Adult Egg Hunt for people (17yrs and up) with various disabilities.

All families must register for this FREE event.