Trusting God’s plan for our kids… is HARD!

Welcome to May! Let me just say, I love the month of May. If I could control the weather, I would keep it sunny and in the mid 60’s forever. But May can be a really busy month for us as parents.  School is coming to a close, summer sports have started and don’t forget that summer vacation you haven’t planned yet! Things can get really crazy, really fast. As I was looking at what our kids are learning for the month of May, I saw that the younger kids are learning about God’s plan for them. That is an easy thing to say, “God has a plan for me”.  We know it… we say it… but do we trust it? Our oldest is beginning High School in the fall…WOW! He has to select his classes for next year with his career plan in mind… HE IS 14! Anyway, my wife and I would love to sit him down and tell him what career he should have, where to go to college, who to marry, how many grandkids he will give us and where he is going to live. That’s not our job. He already has a plan for his life and it was put into place long ago by God and God will order his steps. We have to start to let go and trust that we have given him the correct guidance and help as a child in order for him to follow God’s plan for his life. Remember, we need to trust God’s plan. I know WE have great plans for our children, but God’s plan is even better. Let’s trust Him and His ability to lead our kids!

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