Join Missions

Today approximately 4.4 billion people are unbelievers. Our team is comprised of volunteers commited to making a difference. Coming from various backgrounds these volunteers give their time and serve by responding to the needs. Do you feel the call?

Abbie Sawzak



I saw people who had a genuine true love for God. A love that didn’t waiver on their circumstances. They were hungry, and they trusted He would fill them up. They were ill, and trusted they would be healed. They were broken, and they knew that God would restore them. The people of Haiti love God for Who He is, not what He has done. He is God, and that is enough for them.

John Fitzgerald



I firmly believe everyone should go on a mission trip at least once. I have been exposed to fascinating cultures. I have seen how powerfully God is moving in other parts of the world. These experiences have transformed my heart, and I want to continue to “Go”.

Ted Evans



So why was this my best vacation? There is no better feeling than to help those in need. This feeling can only be experienced by participating and I hope if the mission field has ever been on your heart, that you will tear down any barriers that may keep you from participating, and join our team on our next trip. Make a difference in someone’s world and change your own life forever.