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The focus of NAME is to prepare, build, and strengthen marriages. Currently, one out of two marriages end in divorce. NAME provides effective, proven tools for reaching out to couples. We provide ground breaking resources to help couples and tools for marriage counseling training.

About NAME

Over the past 19 years, more than a quarter of a million marriages have been strengthened and saved through NAME’s ministries. The National Association of Marriage Enhancement provides free couple to couple counseling performed by trained Certified Marriage Specialists, international marriage conferences and seminars, text, audio and visual resources, a growing interactive web presence, classes and workshops, and much more. NAME provides all of these with substantially higher success rates and at a fraction of the cost of secular alternatives.

NAME is committed to our nation. America was founded on godly principles set forth in God’s Word. The deterioration of the family has weakened the moral fiber of the nation-politically, economically, and spiritually.

Now, our nation is seeing a gathering of leaders from every sector, every denomination, every race, and every culture who are tired of watching our society’s moral foundation crumble. NAME is leading the way in networking groups, organizations, and leaders to rally for righteousness in the context of biblical truths.

To learn more, email us here at Living Hope Church: You can also access the national website at

The focus of NAME is reaching the community. Currently, one out of two marriages end in divorce. NAME provides effective, proven tools for reaching out to the community. We’ve created strategies of marketing, advertisement, and public awareness campaigns to help reach the community.

Communities are becoming aware that there is new hope for an old problem, and that there is another option in their dilemma. NAME offers constructive motivational programs for getting involved in our communities to save marriages—for good.

Churches around the world are realizing that there is an answer to a serious problem—the breakdown of the family. Homes are being reunited, marriages are being restored, and children are being spared the terrible ravages of divorce.

NAME Centers are springing up all over the nation to fill this huge need created by broken homes. Churches implementing NAME Centers train couples to mentor other couples. This is done utilizing NAME’s unique training and certification system to prepare couples to biblically counsel other couples. These couples become the core of the local NAME Center.

As a result, churches are experiencing a decrease in divorce rates, less burden on the pastor for counseling, and strong, faithful families committed to the ministries of the local church.


“All the presenters at the NAME Financial Counseling classes were very excited and informed about the subject matter. Attendees were encouraged to ask questions and participate. The presenters provided us with a great deal of information about using money in practical and Godly ways.
– Jose and Tiffany Pena (Attended NAME classes at LHC)

“Before we got involved in the NAME program our assumption was that NAME was only for couples who were having problems in their marriage. YES…that is true. But—NAME is so much more than that.NAME is a relationship building program. Whether you are married, single, divorced,man or woman there will be things you can learn from NAME. Our NAME classes will help you build better relationships with your spouse, children, family and friends. There is no one who couldn’t benefit from a NAME class.”
– Donna and Bill Travis (NAME Counselors)

“This program really helped our relationship. It made us stronger as a couple and really provided a good base for things to help our home lives (some of which dealt with issues we weren’t even aware of). This helped us a lot and really got us reconnected as a married couple.”
– Anonymous (Counseled at LHC)

“As a couple, we have learned that in the Human Experience (of marriage), we are more alike that we are different.”
– James and Shante Brown (NAME Counselors)


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Request our Free Marriage Counseling

Please print-out and complete the Request for Counseling Appointment form and submit to the Living Hope Church office. This can be in a sealed envelope for your privacy and simply addressed to NAME.

Please print-out and sign the Nouthetic Counseling Acknowledgment and Consent form and include with the above Request Appointment form.

We will contact you within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your request.

Upon completion of your counseling sessions, please complete the Counseling Exit form and turn-in to your Care Couple. A Testimony form is also encouraged, but not required.