A Thursday Update from Living Hope Church

Tomorrow, our Governor Eric Holcomb will give an update on the shelter in place order and a plan for re-acclimation. No matter what decision is made by our government officials as it relates to staying at home or opening up our economy, we need an attitude of gratitude. It's hard to be hateful when we are grateful! If we choose to be thankful in all things, our actions will follow. Stay encouraged, reflect on God's faithfulness, and remember, we are in this TOGETHER!

As we continue our online services, our new series begins this Sunday, "The Attitude of Gratitude." This new month-long series will encourage all of us to show appreciation to those who dedicate their lives to helping others.

This Sunday is Teacher Appreciation Sunday, and Pastor Doug has a special message to share. So be sure to invite friends, family, and teachers to join us online.

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The Encounter LIVE Women's Conference hosted by the Indiana Assemblies of God happens this Saturday, May 2nd, at 9 am. The conference will be streamed on Facebook LIVE. Shronda Swindle will host the LHC ladies online and comment using #LHCladies as our hashtag. If you attending the conference and decide to post, please use the hashtag #LHCladies, so we will know you're from Living Hope Church. If you have any questions regarding the conference, please email us at LHCinfo@LHCweb.org. The conference will also be linked to our Facebook page.

This Saturday is our weekly Facebook LIVE prayer meeting at 9 am. Together, we will pray for government officials as well as for the needs of our church family and community. Join the LIVE prayer meeting at 9 am for a great time of prayer. You can connect at here.

We want to thank you, our church family, for your faithfulness financially. You are making an impact in our local community. Your generosity is making a partnership between Living Hope and the Oaks Street Clinic possible. Helping Hands Food Pantry and the Oaks Street Clinic team provide groceries to the elderly in our community every week.

"No One Walks Alone" at Living Hope, so if you need prayer, food, or have additional needs, we want to share your burden. You can reach us at:
PRAYER – prayer@LHCweb.org
NEEDS – LHCinfo@LHCweb.org or leave a message at 219-769-3601.

Don't forget to invite a teacher, friends, and family to join you online this Sunday.