A Tuesday Update from Living Hope Church

Gratitude is defined as having appreciation or thankfulness. This month as we honor those worthy of recognition, we encourage you, our LHC family, to do likewise. We have provided a fantastic opportunity for you to show gratitude to teachers, mothers, missionaries, mail carriers, healthcare workers, and first responders. We have added a new page to our website that includes e-cards, printable cards, social media items, and coloring pages to show gratitude to these incredible servants. Visit www.lhcweb.org/gratitude to see all of the creative ways you can show your appreciation this month.

This past Sunday, Pastor Doug kicked off the Attitude of Gratitude series by encouraging all of us to recognize those who have taught and mentored all of us.

Here are the links to watch:

Watch here
Watch on Facebook

Next Sunday is Mother's Day! As part of celebrating Mom's, we've created a fun way to show that special mom in your life, just how much she is loved and appreciated. Download our Mom BINGO card from the LHC website, www.LHCweb.org/bingo, and complete tasks on the BINGO sheet. The first 20 to get BINGO on their MOM BINGO sheet and e-mail it to our Children's Pastor, Stefanie Towne, will win a gift for their mother! You can e-mail a picture of your winning MOM BINGO card to stefanie.towne@LHCweb.org.

Last Friday, Governor Eric Holcomb provided new guidelines for "opening" our state. Living Hope Church will follow these guidelines, always keeping safety first as our number one priority. We are committed to providing a Livestream option for our congregation moving forward. Sunday, May 10th, our service will be LIVE from Living Hope with our worship team and staff in the building. The following Sunday, May 17th, we are planning the first live service for our congregation to attend. There will be specific guidelines for all of our services going forward. Details on all of the safety protocols will be available this coming Sunday and will be listed on our website as well.

Families, our Children's and Youth Pastors are here for you. You and your children can connect with them at the links below.

Children: Facebook and stefanie.towne@LHCweb.org

YOUTH: Instagram and bryan.hart@LHCweb.org

We are excited to announce a new ZOOM Bible Study starting tonight (May 5th), for moms called "BECOMING MOMSTRONG," Pastor Stefanie Towne will be leading this study based on the book "Becoming MOMSTRONG" by Heidi St. John. The book is available on Amazon if you would like to purchase it for your library. The ZOOM bible study starts at 7:00 pm and meets for six weeks. To connect with this group, contact Stefanie at stefanie.towne@LHCweb.org.

Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to Living Hope Church.