A Tuesday Update from Living Hope Church

Sunday was an amazing day at Living Hope. Pastor Tiffany shared a powerful message for our church, and Dave Gard, Chairman of the Elder Board, shared an update on our pastoral search and made a definitive statement re-iterating our mission to Love God and Love People. If you missed this past Sunday, you need to see it:

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We are welcoming more of our congregation back to our physical campus each week. As we see more familiar faces, we want to stay connected with our online congregation. Whether you worship with us in person or online, everyone is important at Living Hope! If you would like to attend in person, you can check our updated standards at our website and get your seat reservations at www.LHCweb.org.

We are working diligently to welcome our children and youth back to our building for service. Until then, connect with our YOUTH and KIDS at:

Children: Facebook and stefanie.towne@LHCweb.org

YOUTH: Instagram and bryan.hart@LHCweb.org

This Sunday, we are honoring our high school graduates. The following Sunday, June 21st, we will celebrate our Fathers.

Sunday evening, July 5th at 7:00 pm join us for food, fun, and fireworks as we celebrate our nation's birthday. July 12th, we start LOVE WEEK.

Make plans to be a part of these awesome summer events!