A Tuesday Update from Living Hope Church

The May series, Attitude of Gratitude, concluded with Pastor Bryan Hart, our Youth Pastor, recognizing our First Responders. If you missed this great message, make sure to watch:

Watch here
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You can catch up on any of the previous messages from the Attitude of Gratitude series. As we begin a new month, we are excited about what God has in store.

Our new series for June titled "RE-ACCLAMATION," starts this Sunday. This series will focus on honoring God as our communities experience new norms. We must prioritize LOVE in everything we do. We will be known as Christ-followers by the LOVE we show others. This is how we honor God!

This coming Sunday is First Fruits and Communion. We will be offering self-serve communion if you are attending in person. If you are worshipping with us from the comfort of your home, we encourage you to prepare to take communion with us online. You can use juice, cracker, or bread to represent the emblems.

Safety and following the CDC guidelines continue to be a priority here at LHC. No matter what age or stage you are in, we want you to remain safe and healthy. If you feel more comfortable joining our online church community, we encourage you to do so. For all of the latest information on our safety guidelines, visit our website here.

We are connecting with our LHC KIDS and YOUTH ministries and look forward to seeing them in person. Until then, we have creative ways to minister and create connections online. You can connect with our YOUTH and KIDS at:

Children: Facebook and stefanie.towne@LHCweb.org

YOUTH: Instagram and bryan.hart@LHCweb.org

We are excited to announce that we are having a prayer meeting at the church this Saturday, June 6th, from 9 am - 10 am. We will continue to offer our online Facebook prayer meeting at the same time. If you plan to attend the prayer meeting in person, we will be following the LHC Safety Standards. No seat reservations will be needed to participate in the prayer meeting.

See you this weekend online and in person!