A word from Pastor Rick

Fear happens. Worry happens. Uncertainty happens. Doubt, disbelief, confusion, and conflict happen. It’s a part of life in this world that we live.

The good news is when all of those things happen, comfort from the Holy Spirit can take place when we ask Him for it. One powerful truth I learned many years ago is that I may not immediately be taken out of my difficult season, but the Holy Ghost will be with me in the season.

We are not alone. He is with us in the hard times, providing peace and comfort that only He can provide. Jesus said the peace that He gives is not the same as the peace the world gives. (John 14:27) He walks with us through the valleys and dark days. He is by our side through every storm.

Remember what Pastor Bryan told us Sunday. The three keys to finding comfort are:

  1. Know Him.
  2. Trust Him.
  3. Allow Him.

Hard seasons are not the time to run away from God or church. They are the times to lean into your relationship with Him, trust that He has a plan, and allow Him to do His work!

I’m praying for you this week! I know the Lord wants to be close to you no matter what!

Hope Lives Here!

Pastor Rick