A word from Pastor Rick

Church Family,

Can you imagine the scene that went down on that day? Everyone was desperate and deeply discouraged because of the long season of drought. It threatened to starve out an entire generation. Then one man of faith stepped forth and used his staff to draw a circle in the dirt. Standing within the circle, he prayed to Heaven, declaring to the Lord he would not leave the circle until God sent the rain.

And the skies opened.

The boldness and confidence in God are amazing, even audacious. Yet, God responded. Rain-soaked the earth and drowned the drought.

What if we approached God in the same way? What if we drew a circle around the things we earnestly needed God to do in our world? What if we stepped out and focused our faith on God? I believe He would meet us in our circles and change our world.

Draw a circle and create a target for your trust! Remember what Mark Batterson said, “God honors bold prayers and bold prayers honor God.”

I am praying for you this week!

Hope Lives Here,

Pastor Rick