A word from Pastor Rick

Greetings Living Hope family!

Hope Lives Here! I’m still feeling it from Sunday, and I bet some of you are too. It is so inspirational to know that the source of our hope (Romans 15:13) lives on the inside of us!

We have instant access to unshakable, unsinkable, and immovable hope that can carry us through anything we face. Not only that, we carry that hope wherever we go. That means you can spread hope to those who need it.

Your living hope is contagious and can “infect” the people you come in contact with.

If you weren’t able to join us in person or online this past Sunday, I invite you to watch the service in its entirety by visiting our website.

Church, our community, needs a pandemic of hope! I want to challenge you this week to make contact with the source of your hope and then make an intentional effort to share it with someone who desperately needs it.

Invite someone to experience Living Hope with us this Sunday! You won’t regret it!