“Bringing the Hope, Love and Purpose of God to All People.”


Jesus is our message
The Holy Spirit is our guide
The Bible is our foundation
People are our purpose
Faith is our journey
Serving is our calling
Excellence is our culture
Authenticity is our standard

At Living Hope Church we are committed to making a lasting difference in your life, in our community, and around the world. We aren’t interested in playing church, instead, we have decided to become the church.

We want to help you get to know God better and enable you to discover who He has created you to be. We all have a story and we are all on a journey. We don’t pretend to have it all together but we will introduce you to the One who does. We are passionate about reaching the lost, discipling believers, and building strong relationships with God and with each other.

We exist to bring the HOPE, LOVE and PURPOSE of God to ALL people. Life is hard. We know what it’s like to feel lost, overwhelmed, hurt and without hope. We are excited to help people find the One who changes everything!

We believe that church should be fun and exciting! The messages at LHC relate to your everyday life and inspire you to become all that you were created to be. We look forward to taking this journey with you.