Independence Day Celebration

Mark your calendars and make plans to join us on Sunday, July 4th, as we honor and celebrate our nation's birthday! Invite your friends and family to join us for tailgating at 6:00 pm and a FREE Fireworks show at 9:00 pm.

LHC Tailgating Rules

Activities and Equipment

The following items and activities are allowed in tailgate lots.

  • Gas grills with a maximum propane cylinder size of 20 pounds
  • Portable outdoor furniture
  • Tents and awnings that do not block adjacent parking spaces, impede drive aisles or require the use of stakes
  • Portable generators

The following items and activities are NOT allowed in tailgate lots.

  • Bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, skateboards
  • Glass containers of any kind, including bottles and cups
  • Open fires fueled by charcoal, wood, or other combustible materials of any kind
  • Disruptive music or noise
  • Couches or other large furniture items
  • Promotional or marketing activities
  • Sale of products, food, or beverages
  • Obstructing adjacent parking spaces and drive aisles

Tailgaters must:

  • Respect other persons and property
  • Properly dispose of trash
  • Cooperate with law enforcement authorities
  • Comply with all applicable city, state and federal rules, policies, ordinances and laws

For additional information contact LHC @ 769-3601

When tailgating hours end, all tailgating supplies must be properly disposed of or stored in a vehicle.