Men’s and Women’s Small Groups

The Human Connection seems more accessible than ever, but still our hearts often feel miles away from the human being living right next door. Meaningful connection begins by tuning our ears toward the hearts of those around us. Craving Connections is an opportunity to find community but is also designed to help connect you to those who you encounter every day that are lonely, hurting and in need of a connection. Join us Wednesday nights throughout the months of March and April at 7pm. Register at the HUB or call the church office 219-769-3601.

Being a man is awesome! Being a man who does things the right way takes work and effort. The Men’s Club provides a unique opportunity for men to join together for a time of devotion, prayer and a mission. The Men’s Club will be working together to help others. Men’s Club will be meeting on Wednesday Nights in March and April at 7pm. You can join the Men’s Club by 1) Being a Man 2) Signing Up at the HUB or showing up.