There’s A Snake In Our Boots! (Western Weekend 2015)

Yee Haw! Western Weekend is gonna be here lickety split so you best grab your cowboy hats and mark yer calendars for these 2 events:

Western Mystery Dinner: Friday, July 10th will be a doozy of a night featuring fantastic food, entertainment, and a mystery that’s itching to be solved. Tickets are only $20 measly dollars and the proceeds help those poor little Fine Arts kids get to their fancy competition. Space is limited so you better cowboy up and get yer tickets today!

Western Sunday: Sunday, July 12th will be a hip hollering day at LHC! You can expect Pastor Todd to preach his little heart out and then we’re gonna have ourselves a little pie auction! But wait…. we’re not done…. after service the fine folks of LHC will be having a little picnic together! You can purchase a combo meal from Fine Arts for $5.