At Living Hope Church our goal is for you to have the most complete worship experience possible. With God being the focus, we strive to be excellent in how worship is presented utilizing the latest in sound, lighting, media, and of course the help of the Holy Spirit. LHC Worship is intentional about being on the cusp of today’s ever changing music environment without compromising the true meaning of why we praise God in spirit and in truth. If you sing or play an instrument and are interested in participating in the next audition, please click the link below and fill out our LHC Worship Application.


We are always looking forward to adding new artists that are ready to serve in this capacity. We LOVE what we do and we take our responsibility very seriously to represent God both in the spotlight and out. Hopefully our process will help everyone involved find the area they’re best suited for.

If you are interested in being a part of our ever-growing tech community (audio, visual, media) please email Pastor Dave Priest at

If you are interested in joining our team as a Musician or Vocalist, please complete this simple application.